Weight Loss Tip Booklet - 151 Simple Ideas


The First 25 Tips

We don't want you to buy something that's not of value to you. Below are tips one to 25, remember, there are 126 more great tips in the booklet!

1. When you lose sight of motivation, think about any and all the positive changes you have made so far and think about how good those changes make you feel about yourself.

2. Find time to be alone and enjoy it. Relax.

3. Don’t buy “red light” foods, even if they’re on sale. You’ll eat them despite all your great intentions.

4. My best friend is the one that brings out the best in me... my best friend is me!

5. Walk on the beach early on a sunny morning listening to your favorite moving music.

6. Find an exercise that is just right (if you think exercise is boring) and has a purpose other than “just exercise” (i.e., walking the dog).

7. He who stuffeth, puffeth. (It’s OK NOT to clean your plate.)

8. If you are thinking about how to handle a special event, remember that it’s not your LAST dinner. You can change the way you eat THIS time. There’s always another meal!

9. If you feel down, make a list of positive things that have happened to you since you started.

10. Keep a journal of what you eat — and measure the portions.

11. When you feel like you need to eat for emotional reasons, choose foods that don’t have a big emotional payoff such as veggies or fruit. THEN, deal with the emotion.

12. When in a panic to eat because you’re “starving,” drink a glass of water.

13. Do your exercise first thing in the morning before you have a chance to think about it. By the time you wake up, you’re finished.

14. Keep moving forward. Do 51% of your program today, 51.5% tomorrow, 52% the day after. You’ll get there.

15. Whether the scale says I gain or I lose, I am a winner because I’m confronting that old scale.

16. It’s not only nice to feel good about oneself but it’s nice to feel good about feeling good.

17. Don’t put food on the table. Put food on your plate and then serve the plate. Leave the food off the table.

18. Try a new recipe — no matter how easy — tonight.

19. Any exercise, no matter how short the time, is better than no exercise.

20. Make sure to take a breath between bites!

21. If you feel like eating for the “wrong” reasons, drink two glasses of water and if you still want to eat, have something small. Odds are if you weren’t really hungry, you won’t want to eat after two glasses of water.

22. Take time for yourself today. Work will still be there tomorrow.

23. You are never alone. If you feel you need to eat, call a friend who will help you through it. Exercise with a friend who wants to exercise. You can and will lose weight!

24. Remember how you felt BEFORE you started losing weight. Don’t give up; it only gets better.

25. Fill your plate and eat only half of everything. Don’t completely deprive yourself of what you like. Just don’t “pig out” on it.

This booklet is chock full of easy simple ideas!

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